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About Mother

Mother’s Oyster Knives is dedicated to bringing the love of oysters on the half-shell to the masses. A solid step in this direction is making the “tools of the trade” available to the entire world at a reasonable price.

Over 30 Years of Mother Shucking Experience

Mother has over 30 years in the seafood business. Mother has served as crew in Alaska, seafood purchaser in Chicago, opened his first Seafood Retail and Deli operation in Tallahassee in 19xx, opened his first, award winning seafood restaurant in 19xx, and continues to own and operate the #1 Seafood Market, Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant in a certain mid-sized market north of Chicago.

Mother is a Bona Fide Fishmonger

Mother knows seafood. Mother is not an institutional kitchen supply outfit. Mother is the real deal. And mother knows what is good for you. 
As the real-deal, Mother knows the difference between a great oyster knife and a sorry excuse for an “oyster knife.” Mother has the scars to prove it. And so, a cause was born.

Mother Loves Oysters, too.

Not only does Mother make his living buying, selling, cutting, preparing, distributing and supplying fresh seafood throughout Southeastern state-above-Illinois, but he himself is an oyster lover. There isn’t a fresh oyster Mother hasn’t shucked. 

Mother is a Shuker

Just because Mother doesn’t want people using crappy oyster knives doesn’t mean he’s going to come over and shuck ‘em for you. No. He’s busy, like you. 

Nevertheless, you really should listen to Mother and go Shuck Yourself…